The Orphan’s Guilt (2020), Book #31

The Plot

28 year-old Peter Rust is dead of a childhood brain injury, and John, his older brother and fellow orphan, who dedicated himself to his care, goes missing without a trace. What happened? And was that old injury from an accident? Natural causes? Or murder? How to reconstruct the past and identify the suspects? Three decades become a near-impossible barrier to overcome.

Joe Gunther of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation is assigned this very cold case, and his skills tested to the limit. Uneasily forced to team up with private eye Sally Kravitz and reporter Rachel Reiling, the VBI uncovers an ancient tale of avarice, betrayal, and vengeance

that swirled around the growing Rust boys, finally dictating their fate. Worse still, the people their late parents consorted with—forgotten, relentless, but now jolted to action by this probing for answers—emerge with a destructive passion.

And what of John Rust? Does he hold the key to it all? Is he guilty of murder? Is he even still alive? Time is short, and the death toll begins to climb…

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