Joe Gunther Trivia Challenge 30 Years- 30 Books

To commemorate Archer’s 30th Book, Bomber’s Moon, the thirtieth novel in 30 years, Margot Mayor compiled 30 trivia questions, taken his various novels, to create what will be become annual event, The Joe Gunther Trivia Challenge. During the month of December, 2019 a question, followed by another question and the previous answer, were posted daily on Facebook. Ten winners were randomly selected to receive a Joe Gunther Mystery Gift Bag. The Challenge proved to be very popular with sometimes over 2000 responses to each question. See how much you recall about Joe!

Here are the questions and answers:

1. What is Joe’s cat’s name?

2.   Which book has gingko trees as a clue?
Disposable Man

3.   What is Gail’s last name?

4.   What did Dan Kravitz do in every home he broke into?
He leaves a Post-it Note, eats something, snoops on the computer.

5.   Joe’s brother’s name?

6.   What is a diener?
Attendant to a medical examiner who helps with autopsies, etc

7.    Where does Joe go to get medical info in Skeleton’s knee?

8.         Which arm of Willy’s is hurt?

9.          Joe’s brother’s profession?

10.                 Name of newspaper reporter at Reformer?
Stan Katz

11.                 Why did Willy go to NYC alone?
His ex-wife died, made to look like an overdose but it isn’t.

12.                 How many children does Beverly have?
2 daughters

13.                 How did Willy’s arm get hurt?
He was shot.

14.                 How did Gilbert come into Joe’s life?
He was thrown at Joe in his doorway, as a distraction by a woman wanting to invade the house.

15.                 What is odd about gingko trees that is a clue?
The female trees stink, male trees do not.

16.                 And how is the gingko tree clue used?
The smell and residue of a female tree appears on a shoe bottom as a clue.

17.                 Joe’s Mom’s name?
No one knows! She is only referred to as Mom or Mrs. Gunther

18.                 Who is Lester married to?
Sue, a nurse.

19.                 How many children does Gail have?
Trick, none.

20.                 Name of the school in Bomber’s Moon?
Thorndike Academy

21.                 Gail’s first job in Vermont?

22.                 Joe’s brother’s hobby?
Old Cars

23.                 At VT Yankee? How is the body discovered?
A finger was sighted in the concrete foundation that was about to be destroyed.

24.                 What other states does Joe go to, in the line of duty? Name at least 4.
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York

25.                 What is Gail’s dog’s name?
She doesn’t have a dog.

26.                 Where does Beverly live?
Shelburne, now Windsor VT

27.                  Lester’s son David gets into trouble.  How?
Hanging out with druggies.

28.                 In Paradise City, in what city does the crime take place?
Boston, MA

29.                 What is Joe’s boss’s name?
Bill Allard

30.                 What town is Joe from?
Thetford, VT

And for good measure:

31.                 What are Joe’s favorite foods?
Spam, Velveeta, fruit cocktail, Vienna sausages

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