I’m Back


(Well, okay, in a manner of speaking.)

After 33 books and lots of non-stop confabulations concerning Joe, Willy, and the gang—and who was doing what to whom—I needed a break.

So I’m taking one.

In the meantime…
Motorcycling, woodworking, and yes, sadly pursuing more cases for the medical examiner than ever. (In a life where I’ve tried to be more part of the solution than not, I believe very deeply in this job.)

A TV Series!!!!
Back on topic, and best of all on the “Joe” front, there is a serious TV production group pursuing the series. Its working title is Gunther, and the crew is building up steam. They got a little sidelined by the recent Hollywood strikes but are now back at it in full force.

A shameless plug, while we’re at it:
If you know anyone who hasn’t read the books, they make excellent gifts for holidays or birthdays or vacations (I can think of a couple of those coming right up!) We have one traveling man who always has an audio tape of Joe’s adventures to keep him company in the car—an annual gift from an attentive family member.

Side-by-side with my daughter, we made a library wall, complete with Murphy bed for when she has guests! Remember those? (The BEDS, not the guests!)

And a cherry coffee table, in what they call a starburst pattern, among various other projects…

…including a wooden toy truck, which Margot needed to demonstrate the complexities of pulling a trailer full of racing shells.I guess you could say that I’m getting my design-oriented brain as focused on woodworking as it used to be on book plots.

Recent travels: went to Colby College’s Seminar of Forensic Science again last summer, to present a fascinating cold case homicide: 50 years old and still without a solution!
Yet. (Still a work in progress!)
I’m planning to return there this year with another historical case of forensic science conflicting with circumstantial evidence.

Long story short, I may be just taking a break so that Joe can pause to enjoy a little Spam & Velveeta, with a Coke on the side, but I remain “on the case.”

Stay tuned!
(And stay safe)
All the best,

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