“Mayor is not given to gimmicks and manipulation. There are flashier writers, but few deliver such well-rounded novels of such consistently high quality. When asked what they do for a living, Mayor explains, most Vermonters will answer, everything. As it happens, that’s also what Mayor the writer does well : everything.”


“Mayors sturdy series about police lieutenant Joe Gunther has much more on its mind than just mystery. Each book tackles at least one important social issue — but Mayors greatest strength remains his uncanny ability to capture the seedy, seamy sides of life in his home state of Vermont.”


“As a stylist, Mayor is one of those meticulous construction workers who are fascinated with the way things function. He’s the boss man on procedures.”


“Mayor is a gifted storyteller, and his books always offer well-crafted characters, skillful storytelling, and one of the strongest senses of place in the mystery genre. This one wont disappoint, and a lyrical 200-word description of a Brattleboro snowfall might be the sweetest, most knowing 200 words of the year.”