Bury the Lead (2018)

The Plot

Joe Gunther and the VBI team are investigating a murder and an arson case―both potentially related to an outbreak of ebola.

When the body of a young woman is found near a trail at a popular ski mountain, the case falls to Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Trace (2017)

The Plot

The Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) has been pulled onto three cases at the same time; meanwhile, VBI head Joe Gunther has to take time off to care for his ailing mother.

Those cases are now in the hands of the individual investigators. Sammie Martens is assigned a murder case. The victim… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Snow Blind

The Plot

Snow Blind is a short story in the Joe Gunther mystery series, by New York Times bestselling author Archer Mayor. A classic Vermont snowstorm, a confused young man, and of course, a crime.

Presumption of Guilt (2016)

The Plot

A forty-year-old skeleton is found encased in a concrete slab at a recently decommissioned nuclear energy site. It becomes a case for the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) and its leader, Joe Gunther, since they have the resources and the ability to investigate an old, very cold, missing persons case that has… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Company She Kept (2015)

Archer Mayor’s THE COMPANY SHE KEPT opens with Joe Gunther and his Vermont Bureau of Investigation called in to investigate an especially brutal crime: A woman’s corpse has been found hanging high above the interstate with a homophobic slur carved into it. [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Proof Positive (2014)

This is the 25th Joe Gunther Mystery! “Proof Positive” takes Joe to Philadelphia, so don’t be surprised if you read about him ordering a few cheese steaks. Book 25 is now in stores.

Three Can Keep a Secret (2013)

“Three Can Keep A Secret” will be in stores October 1st! Archer’s 24th Joe Gunther mystery has Joe and his team working to solve a complex case involving two corpses, one escaped mental patient, and a long-held secret that binds them together – all set during Hurricane Irene’s devastating tear through Vermont in 2011. [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Paradise City (2012)

The Plot

Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation are alerted to a string of unrelated burglaries across Vermont. Someone, in addition to flatscreens, computers, and stereos, has also been stealing antiques and jewelry.

Meanwhile, in Boston, an elderly woman surprises some thieves in her Beacon Hill home and is… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Tag Man (2011)

The Plot

Someone is breaking into the homes of the rich, bypassing their high-tech security, their state-of-the-art locks and then making himself at home. The intruder doesn’t seem to steal anything except some food. At each break-in, he leaves the remains of his snack out and a Post-it note stuck next to the bed… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Red Herring (2010)

The Plot

A woman is raped and murdered at home. Joe Gunther and his VBI team begin conducting interviews and canvasses. A suspect list is begun. And then another woman dies at home, an apparent suicide by hanging. Totally unrelated? It certainly seems that way. There are no connections between the two.

Aside for… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Price of Malice (2009)

Wayne Castine is found savagely stabbed to death, leaving the crime scene covered in blood. Castine, a suspected child predator, had ties to an extended local family in Brattleboro, Vermont, including possible liaisons with both the mother and her 12 year old daughter. [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Catch (2008)

An excerpt from The Catch

Deputy Sheriff Brian Sleuter was looking for a better country/western station when the Toyota flew by, spraying a few roadside pebbles against the front bumper of his cruiser.

“Jesus Christ, Bud,” he said softly, turning on his headlights, putting the car into gear, and hitting his blue lights — all in a single, well practiced gesture — “Why don’t you flip me the bird, while you’re at it?”

He fishtailed into the road from his hiding place, his rear tires spinning before gaining [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Chat (2007)

The Plot

Shortly after the novel opens, Joe’s mother and brother are seriously injured when their car slides down an icy embankment. But was this simply an accident, or an act of revenge for an arrest Gunther conducted a year earlier? At the same time that Joe is wrestling with this huge potential personal… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Second Mouse (2006)

The Plot

The Second Mouse takes Joe Gunther and his team off their Brattleboro home turf, forty-two miles west, to chip-on-its-shoulder, blue collar Bennington. In Wilmington, VT, Gunther encounters the lifeless body of Michelle Fisher. Her corpse, pale and seemingly at peace, offers him no clues about who she was or how she died.… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

St. Albans Fire (2005)

The Plot

Winter is on the wane in Northwestern Vermont. The moon hangs bright and cold in the silvery night sky over hundreds of square miles of a peaceful, dormant landscape of dairy farms. Bobby Cutts—young, heartbroken, and unable to sleep—enters the family barn to tend to the beasts within… and encounters the last… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Surrogate Thief (2004)

The Plot

In present-day Vermont, a woman kills her ex-husband with an old, second-hand gun that turns out to have a history with Det. Joe Gunther. Thirty-two years earlier, as Joe and his then wife Ellen struggled with her terminal bout of cancer, local store owner Klaus Oberfeldt was robbed and beaten to death… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Gatekeeper (2003)

The Plot

A known drug dealer is found hanging from a railroad trestle in Rutland, the daughter of a political bigwig is dead of an overdose in the man’s apartment, and a young woman (Gail Zigman’s niece) is shot while trying to rob a convenience store for drug money. Heroin is hitting Vermont in… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Sniper’s Wife (2002)

The Plot

Leaving the relative calm of Vermont, Detective Willy Kunkle must confront his past as he seeks revenge for the death of his ex-wife in the back alleys of New York City. Labeled an accidental overdose, her death is considered routine by the NYPD. But Willy’s investigation points to foul play. Now, his… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Tucker Peak (2001)

The Plot

Joe Gunther’s brand new Vermont Bureau of Investigation team is invited by a local sheriff to look into a seemingly mundane series of burglaries at the Tucker Peak ski resort. The sheriff has his hands full, since the resort management is undergoing a massive facelift and environmental protesters are picketing the place… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Marble Mask (2000)

The Plot

The Marble Mask marks the first full-fledged case for the new Vermont Bureau of Investigation, of which Joe Gunther is second-in-command. The story begins with the discovery of a frozen body on the top of Mount Mansfield near Stowe. This is no big news until it is found that the presumed lost… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Occam’s Razor (1999)

The Plot

A watershed book full of changes in the making, Occam’s Razor sets the stage for a radical shift in the Joe Gunther series. Beginning with the discovery of an apparently homeless man’s body, draped across the railroad tracks in downtown Brattleboro, the story follows Joe and his squad as they investigate an… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

The Disposable Man (1998)

The Plot

An unidentified man is found face down in an abandoned quarry, strangled with a piano wire. The labels have been cut from his clothes, his facial features are Slavic in appearance, and his toes are tattooed with Russian letters. When no one reports any missing persons, and no police agency responds to… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Bellows Falls (1997)

The Plot

A routine call asking Joe Gunther to investigate a seemingly minor complaint against a young officer of the Bellows Falls police department leads to the uncovering of a cauldron of spousal abuse, debauchery, teen crime, drug running, and cold-blooded murder. Joe must travel the length of Vermont, from the beleaguered town of… [More Info & Read Excerpt]