Joe Gunther Series

Scent of Evil (1992)

The Plot A hand is found sticking out of the dirt at a construction site, and Joe Gunther’s detective squad begin to research into who the man belonging to it was, how he was killed, who might have done it, and why. But before they know it, several more people are dead, including one of […] Read more

Borderlines (1990)

The Plot Set entirely in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, an isolated, thinly populated part of the state, Borderlines tells of Joe Gunther’s temporary assignment to the local State’s Attorney’s office, which he has taken on in part to get away from Brattleboro, and from his girlfriend, Gail Zigman, with whom he’s had a fight. […] Read more

Open Season (1988)

The Plot Originally entitled The Stalking Horse (a title that was used on another book published just a month before this was set to appear,) Open Season concerns a mysterious man in a ski mask, who forces the police to reopen an old murder case by compromising all the members of the old jury. Joe, […] Read more

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