Critical Acclaim

“As a stylist, Mayor is one of those meticulous construction workers who are fascinated by the way things function. He’s the boss man on procedures.”

—New York Times

“Mayor is not given to gimmicks and manipulation. There are flashier writers, but few deliver such well-rounded novels of such consistent high quality.”

—Arizona Daily Star

“Archer Mayor’s Vermont police procedurals are the best thing going…”

—New York Times Book Review

 “The Skeleton’s Knee “one of the best ten mystery books of the year”

—The Los Angeles Times

 “One of the most sophisticated stylists in the genre,

—New York Times

 “Among the best cop stories being written today.”


 “It’s hard to imagine a more likable thief than Mayor’s Tag Man-or, for that matter, a more companionable lawman than the time-and-trouble-tested Sage of Brattleboro.”

— Kirkus

“Richly drawn characters and a delightful sense of place are hallmarks of Mayors’s superb procedurals, and they are both in evidence in this fine addition to the series”

— Thomas Gaughan – Booklist

“Mayor writes an intelligent mystery. His characters are real, the things that happen to them are logical, and the plot is believable. It’s a pleasure to find a story that captures readers’ attention, makes them care about the characters — and offers such dark chills.”

— Mary Foster – Associated Press