Last time you had a guest speaker, did you notice people shifting uncomfortably in their seats, checking watches, gazing out the window, stifling a yawn? No such behavior has ever been observed during a presentation by Archer Mayor.

Archer Mayor Bok Tours and Appearances-2012

Archer Mayor brings to gatherings of all ages and backgrounds a wealth of experience, an easy give-and-take style, a lively wit, and a natural feel for the needs and interests of his audience.

Author Archer Mayor tailors his presentation entirely to your group, drawing on questions, comments, revelations, and challenges to construct an engaging, absorbing dialogue. Anyone with an interest in writing and/or reading will find themselves enlightened, amused, and-for once-with all their questions answered.

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Having Archer Mayor appear at your event is an entertaining, engaging, and inspiring experience. Book Archer Mayor for your  conferences, group discussions, class visits, workshops, and panels — from one hour to entire days.

See a list of Archer Mayor’s 2018 appearances for his most recent book, Bury the Lead, starting Sept 21.

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