New Cover Art

So, with the happy advent of reclaiming the paperback rights to the “missing” AMPress titles of THE SNIPER’S WIFE, THE SURROGATE THIEF, THE SECOND MOUSE, and CHAT, Margot and I suddenly realized that the books would need new covers, and thus new cover “art” (I know, I know – too much information on the vagaries of my lurching brain.) The point is that this happy epiphany automatically enlisted one of my previous talents and loves: photography.

I have therefore set out not only to shoot new covers (wandering to Gloucester, Bennington and points in between,) but also to replace some of the older ones with better updates. Little by little, I hope you’ll start enjoying the results of all this, and share the pride I’m experiencing at bringing the series “back into the fold.” For I’m not the only one involved here: My daughter, Scout Mayor, shot a new author photo (to feature on the back cover,) and Margot is gradually putting her own artistic touches on the designs of the jackets, changing title fonts and brightening the colors to make everything more visible. An increasingly family enterprise!

See if you can spot the improvements and let us know what you think.