Gunther-Gram September 2010

The Official Archer Mayor Newsletter

It’s Here!

(And, according to Publisher’s Weekly, “As usual, Mayor skillfully combines a gripping police procedural with a view of small town life balanced by bits of humor applied at just the right time.”)

(And so is the Gunther-Gram – oof!)

Sooooo, how long has it been since I last contacted you this way? Well let’s hope that the above headline will compensate a tiny bit. And, as usual, I can garnish the annual appearance of Joe’s latest outing with not just the usual bonus announcement that last year’s hardback (THE PRICE OF MALICE) is now available in paper, but also that AMPress, my own imprint, will be accepting GATEKEEPER orders on 10/11/10.


(In stores now!)

(From AMPress, Oct 11, 2010 !!)

(Small history lesson for the uninitiated: Since I’ve been at this for so long, there are now 21 Gunther books. Over time, the original publishers put many of the early stories out of print. I, therefore created my own publishing company with the sole purpose of re-issuing those titles. GATEKEEPER is an example of that. For the complete listing of all 14 books — the first 12, plus 2 more — go to my web site.)

What are they saying about RED HERRING?

This is the twenty- first Joe Gunther novel. Faithful fans have aged along with the shrewd and decent Gunther, and his team of detectives has passed from being inexperienced youths to seasoned investigators. […]. If this sounds like a valediction to one of the best police procedural series going, it’s because Red Herring ends with Gunther pondering retirement. Mayor’s faithful following will simply have to hope he returns.
 – Thomas Gaughan – Booklist (starred review)

Compassionate by nature, self-schooled to be tough when he needs to be, the sage of Brattleboro is as usual a pleasure to spend time with.
– Kirkus

With cool forensic details for CSI fans, Mayor’s heart-racing tale ends in a dramatic finish that will leave readers gasping. Verdict: An excellent police procedural series that deserves a wider readership.
– Library Journal (starred review)

A single drop of unexplained blood at each of three murder scenes perplexes Joe Gunther in Mayor’s engrossing 21st novel […] As usual, Mayor skillfully combines a gripping police procedural with a view of smalltown life balanced by bits of humor applied at just the right time. The suspense builds toward an ending that reveals a surprising motive and a chillingly realistic villain.
– Publisher’s Weekly


The Fall, 2010 publicity season

So far, I’ve got over 30 events lined up, and counting. To find out where I’ll be and when, check out my appearances page at, and I’ll cross my fingers that we’ll get to meet.


And in conclusion:

I’ve tried to keep this short and sweet, since I know that most of you are assailed with daily emails. I will be following this Gunther-Gram up in a more timely fashion, though, with news from the road, and with updates about my various activities (don’t forget about Vermont Audio Drama Podcasting, for example!) and my brand new Facebook fan page.

All the best