Gunther-Gram March 2010

The Official Archer Mayor Newsletter

What Crime??

Yup – that’s a coat; not a body. And yup again, those are not cops reading training manuals, but actors.


As some of you know, a few colleagues and I have created a new, nonprofit company named Vermont Audio Drama Podcasting (VTADP.) The purpose is to create an upgraded, high-tech variation of the old radio dramas some of we older types enjoyed as kids. Only this time, instead of being tied to the radio, as in those days, you’ll be able to listen to 1/2 hour episodes of the Gunther stories on your iPods, featuring sound effects, music, and a multitude of actors playing all the characters. Once we get this project up and running, you’ll have available a huge improvement over the traditional audio book format — it’ll be movies for the imagination!

Anyhow, I photographed the scene above in South Portland, Maine, courtesy of FinalRune Productions. To learn all about it, read the WALL STREET JOURNAL article that appeared in late February. Barry Newman of the Journal came to see us record the prototype first episode. This is only a rough first draft, of course, done on the fly as a way to show potential investors what we’re up to, but it clearly gives you an idea of our vision. Give it a listen (and see the video) at the FinalRune website.

The Wait is Over!!

(at least for me)

RED HERRING is done, being edited & is due out this fall!

As of last week, I wrapped up the first draft of Joe Gunther’s 21st adventure and mailed it to Keith Kahla, my esteemed editor at St. Martin’s Press (of course I say this before he’s gotten back to me, but the descriptors hold regardless.) There’s a lot going on in this one, including some quantum shifts among the cast of characters.

A few early reviews:

“You put the pedal on the floor around page 2 and keep it there right to the end. Very satisfying,”
“It’s a 5 out of 5 star effort” and,
“I loved it! [and] the ending was a blockbuster — your best yet.”

Check out Chapter One on my web site, and stay tuned for the fall.

And finally….

Grand Central Publishing has once more graciously lent their support to the little guy and reverted the rights of GATEKEEPER back to me and AMPress. What does that mean for you?
It means that as soon as I can get it produced and printed (the next few months,) GATEKEEPER (#14 in the series, between The Sniper’s Wife and The Surrogate Thief) will be the 14th Joe Gunther title to be issued in trade paperback as part of the AMPress collection. Stay tuned for the publishing announcement, probably early in the spring.


March/April Calendar Events

April 3rd — Brattleboro, VT as a judge for the Arts Initiative Spelling Bee competition
April 11th, 2pm — Brattleboro, VT at the River Garden, for a Brooks Library fundraiser
April 24th — Rutland, VT at the library, for the annual “Tables of Contents” dinner, 6pm
(and just to slip it in,) May 13th — The Wellesley Free Library, at 7pm



Okay, okay, totally self-serving, I know. But I couldn’t resist sharing some of the nifty reactions to Joe’s 20th outing:

“The Joe Gunther series, set in Vermont, is one of the best around, so it’s always a shock to me to discover how many readers haven’t discovered it yet. With its excellent noir touches, terrific plots and really interesting central character, it ought to appear to be at the top of most lists. If you haven’t already jumped on the Archer Mayor bandwagon, The Price of Malice is the perfect place to start.” — The Toronto Globe and Mail

“Archer Mayor’s Vermont police procedurals are the best thing going in regional crime writing because every one of his stories emerges from social and economic conditions that determine the criminal activities specific to the area.”
Marilyn Stasio — The New York Times

“The Price of Malice is as rugged, plain-spoken, and steady as its hero, Vermont police detective Joe Gunther.” — Adam Woog, The Seattle Times

“Mayor takes us beyond the “calendar art” of Vermont into three-deckers, the life of the working poor, and the dark side of marginal lives in Gloucester. Through it all, Gunther remains steadfast, persistent, politically savvy and amiably reliable.” Sam Coale – Providence Journal-Bulletin

Enough! (OK, there are a lot more, but my head’s about to explode. Kind words from kind people, all much appreciated.)


And in Conclusion:

I realize that it’s been a very long time between Gunther-Grams, and for that, I do apologize. Between my medical examiner job, my law enforcement task force job, and the writing, it can get a little crazy, as it regularly does for most of us. In any case, I’ve been getting your emails and notes throughout, filled with your words of support and encouragement, and I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am for all of it.

Please check out my web site for a few additional tidbits. I have new puzzler and an excerpt from RED HERRING. And don’t be shy about spreading the word about VTAPD, AMPress, and good old Joe in general.

Thanks for all of you, and take care.