Gunther-Gram December 2011

The Official Archer Mayor Newsletter

TAG MAN makes the NY Times Bestseller list!

Just a quick update with a nifty bit of news. My editor has just informed me that TAG MAN has hit the New York Times bestseller list. This is a first for the Joe Gunther series, and a real hoot for me. (And helps explain why the publisher initiated a second printing, just days before the actual publication date.)

All of you are responsible for this — thanks so much for spreading the word, and thanks as well for reaching out to me on Facebook. The more people find out that Joe is on the rise, the more likely it is that he can not only stay on the list, but climb its ranks!

I hope I see some of you in New England at one of my signings!

(Come visit, sign up for the Gunther-Gram, and always feel free to drop by on Facebook)

Top of the heap! (Well, top of the Dumpster at home, at least. Catching up on some reeeaaallly late Spring cleaning!)


And a couple of nice comments from early Tag Man reviewers…

“It’s hard to imagine a more likable thief than Mayor’s Tag Man-or, for that matter, a more companionable lawman than the time-and-trouble-tested Sage of Brattleboro.” – Kirkus

“Richly drawn characters and a delightful sense of place are hallmarks of Mayor’s superb procedurals, and they are both in evidence in this fine addition to the series.”
– Thomas Gaughan, Booklist