The Ragman’s Memory

The Plot

A small girl brings Joe Gunther a bird’s nest-made partially of human hair. In his search to put a body, and an identity, to the hair’s owner, Joe comes upon an unexplained death, a grisly murder, a sudden disappearance, and travels the social strata of his hometown from the elite to the… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

TAG MAN makes the NY Times Bestseller list!

#22 in the Joe Gunther mystery series,published: September 27, 2011

This is a first for the Joe Gunther series, and a real hoot for me. (And helps explain why the publisher initiated a second printing, just days before the actual publication date.)

All of you are responsible for this — thanks so much for spreading… [More Info & Read Excerpt]

Open Season Now an E-Book

Well, in the category that you can never get too old to experience the richness of life’s offerings, I’m happy to announce that — in one way at least — I’m starting all over again! OPEN SEASON, the first of the Joe Gunther series, is now officially an e-book, thanks to the good folks at… [More Info & Read Excerpt]